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Angel Communication - Day 1 “Friendship”

Angels assist in friendship and relationships that are close to the heart. They may assist you in advising when changes in your friendships are occurring. At times your intuition will be alarming you away or perhaps drawing you closer to the ties you have with certain people. Angels are known to enhance either or feeling. The true answer lies with honesty with yourself. Appreciate the healing benefits friends are offering and willing to share, for it is a healing and loving circle you all share. Afraid for a friend? Send an angel to them. They are there to assist you and those who are in your heart.

Meditating with The Angels

Imagine or visualize being in near a beautiful crystal lake. All around the rim of these healing waters stand one by one every friend or person you have close to your heart. One by one their faces come to light up as you set your eyes on them. Floating from the waters, large bubbles of light arise and follow to your friend (s). They tell you that they are here to heal each one. You then picture these bubbles of light going in and out of your dear friends. They smile in peace and serenity. Healing from within and out, your friends all share a loving bond with you and the Angels. Each one of these bubbles you then realize are angels sent from the divine universe to heal and in return you are healed too. You are then presented to a brightly Angel who smiles and heals you from the inside out too.

Do this exercise as many times you need. Especially when sending healing energy to your friends. The key is to never work alone. Why do so, when you have an army of Angels who consider you a friend too!

Please share your experiences.



aka. Nightenchantress