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Angel Communicaton Day 3 “Freedom”

"Freedom" - the ability to freely express your true thought and feelings with love. Keep in mind this is how the spirit of the angels feel to me. They hold no ego and no negative emotion that would either make you feel bad or regret. Surrounded in Light & Love Angels live freely (expressing unconditional love and support to you) and I have learned one is to teach the spirit to be like them.

Learn to express yourself with out the fear of what others may think or say about you. The Angels heal with you - in the areas of the heart  and spirit. Look forward in the knowledge that you are the one in control of your life and the way you feel. No one can make you do or feel anything you don’t want them to.

Meditation with The Angels

Find a quiet place and time in your day. Breath in and out and relax. Close your eyes and picture what your spirit may look like (use your imagination). What color is it? What does it look like? What emotions does it carry? Is it sad, happy, content, or disappointed?
Remember to be honest with your self. So free yourself from any criticism of your mind or worry from what others may think. This is time for you. Discover, Heal, and Develop.

Now, Imagine the spirit (or form) of an Angel (maybe your angel). See how big it is? Look at the color they project? How serene? The Love they have and give? Notice how calm they are?The serenity within themselves?

So, instead of trying to see the difference, learn from the angel and modify your spirit to theirs. Lighten you colors. Brighten you enthusiasm, your energy. Smile, Love, feel content with you. Quiet the mind from the criticism and realize how much you have changed in those few moments.

Try this exercise at least three times, or until you have realized you have learned how to synchronize your spirit with the Angels. Doing this exercise will help you not only develop higher consciousness and a stronger communication link with the angel, but assist in developing the acknowledgment and the ability of your free will.



aka. Nightenchantress

PS-  I like to apologize for the past few days (for not posting that is), I have been feeling a little ill, but I feel better today. Thanks you for being patient everyone!