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Angel Communicaton Day 5 “Focus”

Keep thinking about what you want, not what you don’t have. The idea of focus is to keep the object, person, or outcome you are desiring to come in to your life. There are times were we know we want something and we just keep thinking about, however there - we are just holding that thought and not the out come. What are we doing wrong? It is the energy or vibration that is holding us back from getting what we want. How is this you ask? Simple. We can desire some one for example for so long, and yet through the time (or rather during your focus) your thoughts stray and blend with unwanted emotions or undesired outcomes (in our imagination - that causes bad vibrations - energy), these “obstacles” are what taints our energy or vibration that surrounds our focus and thus you keep waiting. This is where the Angels can come to assist us and heal the energy around us so that the universe can truly see our intent, our focus on the person, object, or outcome we whole hearty desire to be in our lives.

Meditation with The Angels

Sit in a comfortable position and in a quiet location, where you can call upon your Angel and Guardian to Assist you in this cleanse of energy and enhancement for focus.

Breath in a deep breath and relax the muscles of your feet. Slowly with each breath bring your attention inch by inch above the muscle of your feet. Relaxing and Releasing every inch that follows going up. As you do this take note that you are "focusing”, and your doing so with the intent to heal the energy and vibrations around you. Once you have completely relaxed and released all tensions of every inch of your body, Imagine that you are Face to Face with your Guardian and/or Angel. They are a bright light ready to sweep away any toxic energies - or rather “obstacles” you may carry in the mind, body, or spirit. As they do this repeat - "I am guarding my thoughts carefully. My thought, my focus creates my experience". Repeat these words until you feel like the Angels have completely cleansed the energy around you, within you, and finally you feel like you can focus much, much, more clearly.

This excercise may be done as many times as you feel that your mind, body, soul, and ideally your life needs.

"Remember To Expect Good Things, Because Good Things Are Happening To You!




aka. Nightenchantress