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Angel Communication Day 7 “Celebration”

Life is hard work at times, and even though we may think it is to be this way all the time we are confronted by the universe and the angels to "stop and smell the roses". Today the the angels teach us about Celebration. We get so caught up with the bills, the children, work, and yes at times a pit fall here and there in our love lives. Yet the angels are there each and everyday tipping our chins up, encouraging us, attempting to tell us:

"Good News! Its time to celebrate now!".

May it be in your belief in spirits, energy, or angels - we are guided - and at times we can not hear, we don’t sense, yet somewhere deep inside our hearts tell us:

 ”I’m going to make it.” - “He will come back to me” - “I am good enough”

Meditation with The Angels

It is today’s lesson that the angels teach us how to smile once again, how to look up and say to yourself that you deserve to be happy and to celebrate for the things you know you will receive!

Take a few moments and celebrate. Close your eyes picture your angel using your imagination if you have never met him/her, and if you have strong belief in how they might look visualize it. Use all the details you feel comfortable with in associating your angel and they way they look. Take three deep breaths and relax. Your angel can speak, can give you signs. - So know it in your heart the answer you have been waiting for is there. ASK YOUR QUESTION.

Do not fret in the thought that you might be believing what you want to believe.


Bond with your angel each and every exercise. Speak regularly even if its just thought. You will soon realize that by now you have achieved communication.

Is that not a great reason to celebrate today?


"Your angels are telling you to take this time and enjoy everything you have achieved up until now, and everything you will receive tomorrow!"




Angel Communicaton Day 6 “Dreams”

My Dreams..hold symbols??..but what do they mean??..STOP! Don’t go looking in another dream book again! The truth about dreams and their meaning has nothing to do what someone else thinks it means. There are hundreds of books out there claiming to be able to define your dreams, and yet if you are someone who has very vivid, detailed, and realistic dreams you are bound to find yourself with a much bigger puzzle than it started out to be.


The only person who can define your dreams is YOU! Pay attention to your dreams starting this moment. Learn a new habit, write them down, EVERY MORNING! Your dreams are a PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT, a symbol, that only your subconscious mind has the ability to decode. NO, its not difficult at all. Start with a Dream Journal, write, write, and yes, write. Now to find its meaning follow the following steps.:

Step 1 - Do not ponder on a dream, no matter how realistic and symbolic it is. WRITE IT DOWN! (As much detail you can, short hand it to save time - I have really really long dreams for example, and I created a system that works for me. Make it work for you.)

Step 2 - Before you go to bed, look at the dream in writing.
On a separate page write a list of the most meaningful people, another list of objects, and another of events.

Step 3 - Ask yourself:
What do they have in common?
How do they interact in your life in real time, and there in your dream? Is it Different? How?
Why do you think you dream with that person, object, or thing?
Has it been on your mind for a while?


Step 4 - Finally write a SMALL description of ‘What you think the dream means?’


Your meanings and understandings of why you are having these dreams and what they mean will be more and more clear as the nights pass. You will also notice you can remember your dreams (yes, dreamS, because your mind has more to tell you…LISTEN)

The Angels speak to us all the time, however, it is our mind that doesn’t allow them to be heard. Due to stress, anxiety, sometimes we want it so bad that we filter it out too thin.
Start a Dream Journal today and don’t worry if you cant remember but a person or color in a dream, write it down. As the days go by you will recall more and be able to communicate what the angels have been meaning to TELL YOU!





Angel Communicaton Day 5 “Focus”

Keep thinking about what you want, not what you don’t have. The idea of focus is to keep the object, person, or outcome you are desiring to come in to your life. There are times were we know we want something and we just keep thinking about, however there - we are just holding that thought and not the out come. What are we doing wrong? It is the energy or vibration that is holding us back from getting what we want. How is this you ask? Simple. We can desire some one for example for so long, and yet through the time (or rather during your focus) your thoughts stray and blend with unwanted emotions or undesired outcomes (in our imagination - that causes bad vibrations - energy), these “obstacles” are what taints our energy or vibration that surrounds our focus and thus you keep waiting. This is where the Angels can come to assist us and heal the energy around us so that the universe can truly see our intent, our focus on the person, object, or outcome we whole hearty desire to be in our lives.

Meditation with The Angels

Sit in a comfortable position and in a quiet location, where you can call upon your Angel and Guardian to Assist you in this cleanse of energy and enhancement for focus.

Breath in a deep breath and relax the muscles of your feet. Slowly with each breath bring your attention inch by inch above the muscle of your feet. Relaxing and Releasing every inch that follows going up. As you do this take note that you are "focusing”, and your doing so with the intent to heal the energy and vibrations around you. Once you have completely relaxed and released all tensions of every inch of your body, Imagine that you are Face to Face with your Guardian and/or Angel. They are a bright light ready to sweep away any toxic energies - or rather “obstacles” you may carry in the mind, body, or spirit. As they do this repeat - "I am guarding my thoughts carefully. My thought, my focus creates my experience". Repeat these words until you feel like the Angels have completely cleansed the energy around you, within you, and finally you feel like you can focus much, much, more clearly.

This excercise may be done as many times as you feel that your mind, body, soul, and ideally your life needs.

"Remember To Expect Good Things, Because Good Things Are Happening To You!




aka. Nightenchantress

Angel Communicaton Day 4 “Romance”

Healing energies towards your romantic needs and relationships. The Angels are guardians of True Light & Love. I am a big believer of who is meant for you, is for you. No matter how many times you break up, or how long you have not seen someone. If this person is one of your soul mates (Please note I said - “one” of your soulmates) this person will always cross roads with you and the possibility of you two coming back together can happen.

Healing with The Angles

In Light and the Love the Truth is Always revealed!

Allow your spirit to call the person you hold close to your heart. Is this person away? with you? are you concerned? or perhaps desiring just to enhance your relationship?
The reason matters not, for it is your ability to pull on the other persons cord - your lovers heart. If this person is truly meant for you in Light and Love this person will return, things will get better.

Now call upon your angels - they are there - feel them. Allow them to see who you are calling in spirit. You love. Now visualize or imagine the angels surrounding you with light, filling your spirit in love. As this is happening bring forth the image of your love close to you filling you as the angel is too. Merging all three of you together. Spirit and Love. Take three calming breaths and repeat “I am one with you my angel. I am one with my true love. I am one with my self.” Allow yourself to be all three at once.

End this session knowing that you have meditated and worked in Light and Love.

Expect the results you have desired in your romance. Is it the call, the visit? or perhaps the fulfillment of knowing you are more connected with this person than ever before. Don’t freak out if its not instant, but I assure you if your love is true this will work like a charm in healing and in enhancing it.



aka. Nightenchantress

Angel Communicaton Day 3 “Freedom”

"Freedom" - the ability to freely express your true thought and feelings with love. Keep in mind this is how the spirit of the angels feel to me. They hold no ego and no negative emotion that would either make you feel bad or regret. Surrounded in Light & Love Angels live freely (expressing unconditional love and support to you) and I have learned one is to teach the spirit to be like them.

Learn to express yourself with out the fear of what others may think or say about you. The Angels heal with you - in the areas of the heart  and spirit. Look forward in the knowledge that you are the one in control of your life and the way you feel. No one can make you do or feel anything you don’t want them to.

Meditation with The Angels

Find a quiet place and time in your day. Breath in and out and relax. Close your eyes and picture what your spirit may look like (use your imagination). What color is it? What does it look like? What emotions does it carry? Is it sad, happy, content, or disappointed?
Remember to be honest with your self. So free yourself from any criticism of your mind or worry from what others may think. This is time for you. Discover, Heal, and Develop.

Now, Imagine the spirit (or form) of an Angel (maybe your angel). See how big it is? Look at the color they project? How serene? The Love they have and give? Notice how calm they are?The serenity within themselves?

So, instead of trying to see the difference, learn from the angel and modify your spirit to theirs. Lighten you colors. Brighten you enthusiasm, your energy. Smile, Love, feel content with you. Quiet the mind from the criticism and realize how much you have changed in those few moments.

Try this exercise at least three times, or until you have realized you have learned how to synchronize your spirit with the Angels. Doing this exercise will help you not only develop higher consciousness and a stronger communication link with the angel, but assist in developing the acknowledgment and the ability of your free will.



aka. Nightenchantress

PS-  I like to apologize for the past few days (for not posting that is), I have been feeling a little ill, but I feel better today. Thanks you for being patient everyone!

Angel Communication - Day 2 “Abundance”

Abundance is the ability to have a constant and excessive flow of a any certain area of your life, such as, Money, Love, Courage, Patience, Ideas, Health, Friends, Success, Knowledge, Understanding, etc. Angels when communicating to may be ask to bring forth this flow of Abundance in any area, if not all areas of your life. The key to having Abundance is through the release of fear of Scarcity and enjoy the belief of increasing abundance.

Abundance doesn’t just turn on like a faucet, it gradually increases with your belief system. Angels assist in Abundance through encouragement in your belief that the universe and they as part of the universe will bring the Abundance to you through Manifestation.

Meditating with The Angels

The first step in Meditating with The Angels for Abundance is Belief (Faith) in them, in the universe. The Belief that the Angels will ensure a steady flow of support materially, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually.

Begin with visualizing that the Angles exist all around you, in every time of day. They don’t have to have any specific features such as a face or wings, use your imagination to support any thought form that will be comfortable and easy for you to use. Speak with your Angel(s) internally. Tell them you thank them for caring for you, for always being there.

Now, the key is repetition in belief. Tell your Angel(s) (& Mean it) - "I accept everything that is good and divine from you and the universe. I acknowledge and believe all my needs are being met abundantly for me now and always"

Use this meditation repeatedly either through out the day or days. It will only manifest through belief and faith in The Angels and the Universe.

Keep Communicating with your Angles! Heal with Them!
If you would like to share, go right ahead.



aka. Nightenchantress

Angel Communication Course

Angel Communication Course

Learn to Heal with The Angels with  Free Daily Lessons I will be posting up on my blog. There will be a lesson and meditation for each daily course. Some benefits you will see in Communicating and Healing with The Angels are :

  • Meet your guardian angel?
  • Would you like to experience what it’s like to have been touched by an angel?
  • Discover who your guardian angel is?
  • Learn how to communicate with your angels?
  • Have a personal two way conversation with your angels?
  • Receive comfort from the spirit world?
  • Unblock your spiritual progress?
  • Re-balance your life?
  • Get a different perspective to your life’s problems?
  • Change your future for the better?
  • Achieve deep meditation to enhance your spiritual awareness?
  • Fulfill your true potential?
  • Know what your life’s purpose is?

Blessings to All!

 I have been a Metaphysical Practitioner for the past 20 years and yet I have been communicating with Angels for all my life. I see them, I hear them, and yes they are very real! I will be posting daily exercises and lessons in learning how to Communicate and Heal with the Angels. I am offering this course free since I learned it from my Angel at no cost. So why not you?

Please share any experiences you may encounter in your lessons. If you have any questions please ask, I am willing to support you 100% through this Spiritual Development!


aka. Nightenchantress