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Angel Communicaton Day 4 “Romance”

Healing energies towards your romantic needs and relationships. The Angels are guardians of True Light & Love. I am a big believer of who is meant for you, is for you. No matter how many times you break up, or how long you have not seen someone. If this person is one of your soul mates (Please note I said - “one” of your soulmates) this person will always cross roads with you and the possibility of you two coming back together can happen.

Healing with The Angles

In Light and the Love the Truth is Always revealed!

Allow your spirit to call the person you hold close to your heart. Is this person away? with you? are you concerned? or perhaps desiring just to enhance your relationship?
The reason matters not, for it is your ability to pull on the other persons cord - your lovers heart. If this person is truly meant for you in Light and Love this person will return, things will get better.

Now call upon your angels - they are there - feel them. Allow them to see who you are calling in spirit. You love. Now visualize or imagine the angels surrounding you with light, filling your spirit in love. As this is happening bring forth the image of your love close to you filling you as the angel is too. Merging all three of you together. Spirit and Love. Take three calming breaths and repeat “I am one with you my angel. I am one with my true love. I am one with my self.” Allow yourself to be all three at once.

End this session knowing that you have meditated and worked in Light and Love.

Expect the results you have desired in your romance. Is it the call, the visit? or perhaps the fulfillment of knowing you are more connected with this person than ever before. Don’t freak out if its not instant, but I assure you if your love is true this will work like a charm in healing and in enhancing it.



aka. Nightenchantress